Children’s Drawing on Creation

Here is a message posted by one of our members, Darlene Grant, she serves as part of Kid’s Church Ministry. Here are some excerpts of her post on Facebook to our Dream Team and on her personal page:

It is a pleasure to serve God and the body of Christ. I am over joyed to see how are children fellowship downstairs is going with the children. They have a heart for God. We lead them at their level.

This month topic is on Creation. What better way to demonstrate the God that lives in all of us. God’s passion was to let us know he formed us for a purpose. So these young souls need to know what it means to have a relationship with the Creator.

When they see us they have to see Christ. Just as Jesus said, have I been with you so long, that you don’t know the Father. When you see me, you see the Father. So last week while trying to convey creation at the children’s level of understanding. I was blown away with questions we received. These are just a few questions from 6-7 year old kids.

  • What was heaven like before God created the world?
  • When will he return?
  • Why did he make man?

I implore those who love God to take time to not only pray for our young ones but to be part of the movement God is doing in our fellowship. He said they had everything in common (disciples) in the book of Acts. Let’s challenge ourselves to humble ourselves as a child. They are so open for Love and connection, and service to God. God has give us the tools, his Spirit, and his Word. This has been on my heart. The natural man see the flesh, but the spiritual man see what Christ sees…Growth! Here is some creativity in the eyes of the children on Creation. Have a bless day! Love you to life.

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