First Lady Glynis Burton

12445917_1559288641035346_1590550822_nFIRST LADY/PROPHETESS GLYNIS BURTON

First Lady Glynis and Apostle David Burton have been married since February 16, 1991 and have two beautiful daughters, Destiney and Sommer.

Glynis Burton came from a Pastoral family and has always been very involved in various areas of ministry within the Body of Christ.


  • She has recently seen her vision of reaching the lost, ministering to the orphans, the widows and strangers come to pass through establishing the Extended Hands outreach ministry.
  • She serves on the Elder board and oversees the praise and music ministry department.


For more information about this ministry, contact First Lady Glynis Burton at Tel: 514-469-2408 ext.21


Thank you for your interest in this ministry