Would you like to Serve God? people and your community? Well you are at the right place. It is part of our process at the Resurrection Center. We are here to Love, Connect and Serve.

How can you get started? Here are some forms you can fill out if you have not yet done so:

  1. First Time Guest Form: If you have not visited us yet, fill out this form and join us this Sunday to get started.
  2. Member ID Request
  3. Gift Test
  4. Want to Serve? Let us know by completing the following form>>

Are you part of RC and have requests that need our attention? Use one of the following forms to send your requests.

  1. Marketing Requests
  2. EVENT MEDIA REQUEST CHECKLIST>> This form needs to be completed if you want to host an event at RC.
  3. AV-IT REQUEST CHECKLIST>> You have a great initiative that requires Team 3 assistance? Please submit your request by using this form.